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Value Chain Control. Sustainability and Climate Change.
Inspirentia creates Industry Leaders. We understand the challenges facing specific industries. We bring learning and practices from across different industries to innovate and disrupt in your industry. This includes understanding the impacts of climate changes and designing solutions to adapt to this impact. With disruptions from falling costs of data storage, and processing, increasing connectivity and rapid advances in artificial intelligence technologies, convergence of industry lines are taking place. New business models need to be created. The workforce needs to be reskilled, and supply chains need to be re-created.

Confronted with cost pressures, skills scarcity, sustainability requirements, new materials, and digitalization shifts, Infrastructure Participants could strategize around productization and specialization, increased value-chain control, greater customer-centricity, design and engineering processes, improving procurement and supply chains, and sustainable development. Inspirentia support clients with formulating and executing strategies - including the agile delivery of projects, building capability of the workforce, re-engineering contracting frameworks, supply-chain models, infusing digital technology and advanced automation.

Confronted with climate change effects, declining electricity generation infrastructure and rising energy costs - migration to renewable green energy generation and energy storage is critical. Inspirentia supports clients with understanding this impact and in designing solutions to adapt to climate change impact. Inspirentia develops, engineers, finances and manages green projects, including as Independent Power Producers. Digital technologies and smart energy management systems are used to optimize energy costs and efficiency.
Financial Services

Technology and internationalisation of payment systems has exposed flaws in traditional legacy systems and methods. Financial Services is confronted with disruptions from the falling costs of data storage and processing, increasing connectivity and rapid advances in artificial intelligence technologies. Inspirentia supports clients with formulating and executing strategy including - using fintech and in personalizing services for their clients.

Public Sector & State Owned Enterprises

Challenged with financial distress, governance, societal and economic growth challenges, the Public Sector and State-owned Enterprises need bold leadership and smart strategy to meet these challenges. Inspirentia supports the Public Sector with developing policy, implementing technology, developing human capital, conceptualising and implementing government programmes and projects -  including green energy, digitization, upskilling the workforce faced with increased automation, supporting the resilience of supply chains, and the creation of local industries to increase the countries’ resilience and security.

Information, Communications
& Technology

Information, Communications an Technology (ICT) is in the centre of digital expansion. Inspirentia supports the ICT industry with innovation, extension and integration of ICT applications that enables transformation of strategic industries and the creation of digital business models.


The pandemic has exposed serious weaknesses in healthcare systems, supply chains and skills. New models of care are required. Inspirentia support clients in Health to formulate and execute strategy - which includes digitalisation solutions, re-engineering of processes, supply chains and building capability for clients.


Face with climate change and supply chain challenges, Agriculture should embrace technology and innovation to ensure food security. Innovations in Agriculture include sustainable breeding using molecular or genetic markers, improved tools for the genetic engineering of plants and using microbiome to improve the quality and productivity of agriculture. Inspirentia supports clients in formulating and executing strategies, creating capability and leveraging technology in the business.


Challenged with the mismatch between supply and market demand, Retail must move to creating personalised experiences using omnichannels, redesign their value chains, improve their productivity, use digitalisation and automation and supply chain design. Inspirentia supports clients in formulating and executing innovative strategies.

Travel & Hospitality

Restrictions as a result of the pandemic has resulted in high bankruptcy in the industry. Remaining relevant and achieving sustainable growth through this crisis requires disruptive thinking, collaboration, and being agile. Bold decisions are required. Inspirentia supports clients in re-thinking their business models, taking advantage of opportunities, using digitization and improving their customer experience.


Mining is challenged with international commodity price sensitivities, high electricity costs, supply chain disruptions; sustainability development; and beneficiation. Inspirentia questions, supports clients in formulating and executing strategies from insights using data analytics – including optimize the mine to market value chains, reduce costs, enhance productivity and innovate.


With rapid changes in the demand for traditional products, many manufacturing core businesses are stagnant or contracting. These businesses should look at how to reduce costs throughout the business in the face of intense cost-price pressure, and how to evolve strategies and transition capacity in declining markets. Inspirentia supports clients in formulating and executing strategy including - identify pockets of growth, redefine their business models and portfolios to make the most of new opportunities, reallocating corporate and business unit resources to better support strategic goals, in enhancing efficiency and productivity, automating processes, and developing the right capability for the business.


With high unemployment and low productivity, relevant education and competencies are required. Traditional education methods are expensive and access to knowledge is limited. Inspirentia supports clients with rethinking methods of education delivery, including the use of online and hybrid methods, and creating relevance of knowledge that could be applied for productivity and growth.


With the rapid disruption of Mobility through electric vehicles, integration of transportation systems, and digitalisation, Inspirentia supports our clients in the Mobility industry to strategically adapt to these disruptions, renew their business models and products.